Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Benigs' Story

I used to have a blog on this very address. I was a pretty active blogger, posting at least twice a week about random things. Do I have readers? I really don't know. I never took the time to install counters or whatnot on my site. I just blogged for the pleasure of writing and not to please some audience. And I was actually afraid to know how truly unpopular I am. Hahaha!

Around three or four years ago, I decided to shut down my blog. I didn't actually shut it down but just changed it's address. I was getting paranoid about random people reading my posts, which tend to become a wee bit personal. So I moved the blog to a spot that only I know and instead continued writing on Multiply, which has better personal controls.

Moving the blog to a new address meant letting go of my favorite username for anything on the internet: benigs. I was actually not concerned about it since it's not a common name and I doubt anyone's gonna take it. But lo and behold, a few months later when I checked, some cyber squatter was using benigs.blogspot.com to sell somethings. BWISIT!

I really got frustrated about losing the domain but I eventually learned to let go as I had no plans then of reviving my account. Then today, I just randomly thought of checking out the site again and was overjoyed to see that my original site's address is free again! So of course, even if I was not planning on starting up anything, I immediately registered the damn address so I can stake my claim on it once again.

So what are my plans now with this site? I really don't know. I've become inactive with blogging over the past of couple of years, which I attribute to the rise of (and my addiction to) Facebook. I've tried a couple of times before to start blogging again but I'm not really inspired to write anything.

So maybe that's the goal for now: find inspiration.